Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy World Breastfeeding Week! August 1st- August 7th!

Today is the first day of World Breastfeeding Week 2013! I love celebrating World Breastfeeding Week with all the breastfeeding mothers and those who support breastfeeding! According to Wikipedia, World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated in over 120 countries! 

This week I'm going to be focusing most of my blog posts on breastfeeding! I love to hear stories of other mothers breastfeeding journeys and what they've overcome to give their baby what is best for them. There will be a guest blog posts from mother's doing just that, as well as some informational blog posts from myself! 

Are you celebrating World Breastfeeding Week by going to any events? Are you a breastfeeding mother? How long did you or have you been breastfeeding? 


  1. I never breastfed, but I support the rights of other moms to. :) So this week I'm running a breastfeeding post a day on my blog (some will be guestposts) and I've set up a linky.

  2. I breastfed both of my boys most of the time up until 10 months or so...I really wanted to go much longer than that, but I was too caught in my own and my family's selfishness.

    I am hoping to post as much as I can on my blog about supporting new moms and how to encourage breastfeeding and will be linking them up :-)

  3. My daughter is 2 years old and I still breastfeed her. I can honestly feel the wonders of breastfeeding like the special connection we have and its effects to my daughter's health. I would be writing a guest post about it for another blog and I have actually written something about it already on my blog. I will also link them to other blogs with world breastfeeding day themes.


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