Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Workout Wednesday!

Welcome to Workout Wednesday! Here you can post about how your workout week has been, whether it's been a great one or a hard one! You can share your goals with us and your struggles!

This week has been a good one for me! I finally feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things with Insanity and even though month 2 is a lot harder than month 1, I am getting better and stronger each and every day! I also lost 2 more inches in my belly! 

Today I wanted to mention motivation. What motivates you to work out? Or why do you feel like you are not motivated enough to work out? For me my motivation is my kids, my husband and my future. I've never been extremely overweight or anything, but after I had my kids, I lost a lot of my self confidence. Now that I'm working out I have that confidence back and feel beautiful again, and love that I look great to my husband too! I also work out for my kids! I want to set a good example for them and show that them that hard work pays off. I also want to be around in the future to see them get married, have kids, and to just live a long and happy life! 

What motivates you to work out? If you're not working out, I urge you to make a list of reasons why you should work out ...I bet that'll get you motivated! Share with me your motivations below or link up and also let me know how your workout week has been! 


  1. I am motivated by the confidence I have and feel when I am working out and eating right. I am also movtived by the vain need to look hot in a bikini for next summer lol

  2. Motivation I have; it's finding the time that has always been a problem. I have been known to put off "more important" things to get a workout in. Oops. :)

  3. Right now, I'm 31 weeks pregnant and totally lacking motivation to do just about anything workout related...but after this child is born - look out! I can't wait to shed the baby weight. I personally don't care if I look good in a bikini, I just hate how I feel when I'm carrying extra pounds around.

  4. I really need to get in on this. I am not happy with the size of my thighs right now. This is great motivation

  5. I'm not doing any workouts yet but maybe I'll try doing that soon. I think I need it even if I got my figure back (which could be one result of breastfeeding)already. I do need to do more workout to have a flatter tummy because it seems to bulge a bit due to pregnancy.


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