Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Workout Wednesday!

Another week has come and gone and now we are already halfway through this week! It's Workout Wednesday and it's time to share how your week has gone!

My workout week has been a good one! I just finished week 3 of month 2 of Insanity on Monday! Today begins my last week of Insanity! I'm super excited to be finished! It's a great workout program, but this second month a lot of the workouts are an hour long, which is not good for my busy schedule, so I'll be glad to be done with those long workouts! But I really have loved the program and loved the results even more! I totaled up my inches lost so far since I started Insanity...I've lost 10.5 inches! I am so happy with that and hope I lose an inch or two more this last week! 

Today I want to talk about struggles! What kind of struggles do you have when it comes to working out and eating healthy? For me it is definitely food. I love healthy foods, but I also love unhealthy foods. I was addicted to mountain dew for 5 years before I made my lifestyle change! I don't drink it anymore but I still struggle a lot with food and drinks! I love sugary things which is so terrible for me! I love chocolate! And I always get the munchies around 8 or 9 at night! I do eat healthy most of the time, but I will admit, I slip up regularly! Last night I ate 2 chocolate pop tarts at about 9:30pm! It's hard! The easiest way to overcome these struggles is to not buy the junk! Because if it's in my house I will eat it! So I definitely need to work on that. 

What are your struggles? Do you struggle with certain types of workouts? Do you struggle with food like me? Share below in the comments and also let me know how your workout week has gone! 


  1. Regular workouts is indeed good. I struggle how to wake up early to do

  2. I started using the Lose It! app, check out my post

  3. I am training for a half marathon right now (which reminds me I need to write my Fitness Friday post)but after that I might like to try an Insanity or p90x challenge

  4. I find it's really hard to exercise having kids. We have a daycare at our gym, but the kids hate it! And I'd rather not listen to them whine. Sometimes, I'll cut the grass for exercise!


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