Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Toddler Cloth Diaper Stash!

Isaac will be 21 months old this Thursday! I cannot believe how fast he's growing up! Since he's now a walking, running toddler we have had to change up our cloth diaper stash just a bit. He now wets through a diaper a lot quicker than he used to and we've had some leak issues! So we've made some adjustments and I'm going to share with you what my toddler cloth diaper stash is like! 

My stash is almost all pocket diapers. BumGenius 4.0s are my absolute favorite pocket diaper right now. They fit Isaac great and hold up so well! So I have about 8 of those and then a number of other brands of pocket diapers. I use the BumGenius 4.0s for nap time and bed time mostly. For a while I was just double stuffing the BG 4.0 with the extra newborn insert it comes with, but then he started to leak through it. So now I use the full size microfiber insert and a flat to stuff it at night and we don't get leaks anymore! 

I also have about 20 flat cloth diapers and a few diaper covers that I use on occasion. I originally purchased the flats for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge back in May but I still use them for double stuffing my pockets and occasionally when I'm washing my other diapers.  

I also have a few AI2 cloth diapers that I like, mostly because they look so cute, but all the ones I have are really absorbent as well! I will, hopefully, soon be in the market for some cloth trainers because Isaac is starting to show some interest in learning to use the potty! 

Does your cloth diaper stash consist of a lot of one kind of diaper or a bunch of everything? Do you have any cloth trainer suggestions for me for when we beginning potty training? 


  1. My toddler cloth diaper stash consists mostly of Best Bottoms. I solely use Best Bottom inserts. I also have some other covers like Planet Wise and Flips.

  2. I never did cloth diapers with my kids, there weren't as many options around as there are today. If there were I would have tried it.

  3. My stash is excessive and a mishmash. I have mostly pockets, but some AIOs, AI2s, hybrids, hybrid fitteds, fitteds, and... well, pretty much a little bit of everything.

    My trainers of choice have been Charlie Banana (great for holding about half a pee), Best Bottom (fantastic for that stage when kid wants to wear underwear but is iffy about potty use... it can be used with BB diaper inserts, too), and Blueberry.

  4. Ive always been boring and LOVE my BGEs, newborn-toddler. Thanks for sharing your stash!

  5. I've not used cloth on a toddler yet. My DS is only 6 months old, but I have began to simplify my stash to sbish & wool for night, bg 4.0s & wahm hybrids for day, and diaper safari (and some sunbaby) for those who I don't trust to touch my other diapers! :D

  6. I've only tried one cloth diaper (Little Monsters), but I loved it. I wish I'd discovered them earlier.


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