Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 9! {Worst Cooking Disaster!}

For the challenge today we have to write about our worst cooking disaster!! I'm not a great chef at all but I do pretty well most of the time. I can only think of 2 disasters that I remember in the kitchen! 

When I was a teenager I was making chocolate chip cookies and used salt instead of sugar!! Those were some yucky cookies!

Then, just recently I made chili in the crockpot...which is something I do often. But this time it did not turn out right at all! I still don't even know what I did wrong. My husband said it tasted sour and wouldn't eat it and to me it just tasted like pure tomatoes! It was gross! I used plenty of chili powder and had all the same ingredients that I usually do, but it was just disgusting! I don't think I've made chili since haha! 


  1. Did you use a different brand of tomatoes? Some taste more tinny than others. That's all I can think.

    A couple months ago I dropped a pizza as I was pulling it out of the oven. Of course it landed cheese side down, so it was a total loss.

  2. your salt instead of sugar reminded me of the time my sister was making parmesan chicken for her bf back in high school. All of a sudden she is calling me in asking me to try it, it didnt taste bad but was really sweet so I asked her what she used- She pulled out the powder sugar container! He still ate it though!

  3. Wouldn't have wanted to have tried those cookies.
    Had to mention I read this and thought it was ironic because we had chili tonight for the first time in quite a while and the flavor was a bit off. I used different sausage, so I think that is why. I have a great Crock Pot chili recipe, it came in the recipe book with my crock pot I was given.


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