Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday! {Best and Worst Baby Items!}

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Welcome back to Mommy Talk Tuesday!! 

This week's topic is: Best and Worst Baby Items! Which items are you SO glad you spent the money on or received as a gift and what items were not worth it and didn't get used? 

So here's my list:

Best Baby Items:

1. Boppy- Even if you're not nursing this thing is a must have! It's great for having under baby while you're holding him/her and sore from childbirth. It's great for propping baby up after a feeding or setting baby in for a second when you have to go pee or grab some food! And it's even great for doing tummy time with baby! 
2. Swing- Baby swings aren't the cheapest must have items but I think they are well worth the money! They are great for putting baby in to let him/her sleep, or to swing while you tend to an older child or to the house. Baby's love them too! 
3. Nipple Butter- This was a must have for me since I am breastfeeding! Those first two weeks are pretty rough when it comes to nursing! I don't care what anyone says, there will be pain! Even if your baby latches perfectly, your nipples have to adjust to being sucked raw every two hours! So nipple cream was a lifesaver for me and such a relief to my sore nipples! 

4. Wrap or Carrier- This is essential to me, especially with an infant and a toddler! It is so much easier to wear baby so I can be hands free to help out my 3 year old when need be! It's so nice to be able to wear Isaac and have free hands to hold hands with Noah when we are out and about! A wrap or a carrier is a must for me!

Worst or Unnecessary Baby Items:

1. Bumbo- I know a lot of mamas love these things but not me. They are supposed to help your baby sit even before they can actually sit up on their own and they have a cool little tray and seem really cool. I never had one for Noah and he sat up on his own at 4 months old. With Isaac I just HAD to have one so I bought one used for $25 (they are almost $40 new!!!) and used it for maybe a month. Isaac didn't like it at all and always tried to wiggle out of it. It's just not worth the money to me.

2. Wipes Warmer- Had one, used it like twice then realized it was too much trouble and just not worth it. If the wipe is really cold I warm it between my hands for a second before I put it on baby's bum. It's a simple as that.

3. Socks! When Isaac was a newborn I just put him in footed sleepers all the time to make sure he was warm. Socks never fit right and never stayed on so they were/are worthless to me!

Share your list of best and worst baby items by commenting below or writing a blog post and linking the post up below! 

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Next week's topic is : Mommy Friends! How important is it to have fellow mommy friends? What are ways you have made mommy friends? What do you do about other moms who are judgmental towards your parenting style or try to push their parenting thoughts on you? 


  1. I hated the bumbo as well. My son tried to flip out of it when he started eating solid foods. I also learned froma friend that it really is best to leave baby on stomach or back and let him naturally do things. Forcing him to sit too early can cause muscles to not develop right.

  2. See Buggie loved the Bumbo and we used it to feed Lady Bug until she was a little more stable. Totally agree with the wipes warmer and socks.

  3. We love the boppy pillow! I still nurse my (small) 13 month old on it. :)


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