Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday! {Mommy Friends!}

The Not So Secret Confessions of
a Second Time Mom

Welcome back to Mommy Talk Tuesday! 

This week's topic is: Mommy Friends! How important is it to have fellow mommy friends? What are ways you have made mommy friends? What do you do about other moms who are judgmental towards your parenting style or try to push their parenting thoughts on you? 

I think finding mommy friends to hang out with, talk with, and relate to is so important! But finding true, genuine, friends is not always very easy! I have made a lot of my mommy friends through mommy groups, other mommy friends, and church. 

Mommy groups are great but there's so many different types of moms involved it's harder to find close friends. At least in my experiences. I have actually had  some bad experiences with mommy groups..because lets face it, some women love drama. One of my closest mommy friends I met through another mommy friend! So that's always a nice and easy way to meet mamas. And then I've also made a few good mommy friends at church! 

It's pretty inevitable that you will meet other moms and parents who do things differently that you. Whether it's breastfeeding, formula feeding, or co-sleeping... there will be things that you do that other parents don't or that other parents don't agree with. And some parents can be super judgmental or hurtful when it comes to stuff like this. I don't waste my time with people like this. The way I see things is "to each his/her own". As long I see that the child is being taken care of and provided for, I try not to judge and I keep my nose in my own business. And those who don't do that, I just don't bother with. 

Share your thoughts on making mommy friends and judgmental mommies by leaving a comment or writing a blog post and linking up! 

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Next Week's Topic is: Free and Cheap Summer Activities!! 

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