Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 11! {Best Day of Your Life!}

Today we are supposed to write about the best day of our life. This is seriously a tough one. Simply because it's a tie between this day....

This one...

Or This one....

I suppose if I had to choose just one, I would choose my wedding day. Because falling in love with my husband and marrying him is how the other two little men in my life came to be. They are all so important to me and these three days are by far the best three days of my life. But without my amazing husband my life wouldn't be complete! Love you Brian! (Just in case you read my blog lol!) 


  1. Beautiful post. I wish I had known about the summer blog challenge before now. It looks like so much fun.

    Happy Monday!!!

  2. I agree I also have 3. Love the pictures you can understand why you cannot choose.
    I am already following you, hope you can follow back at

  3. Beautiful post!! I know this one was hard to choose!!

  4. Very sweet! It was difficult for me to choose as well!

  5. Hi there, new follower stopping by! Would love a follow back :)P.S. You have a beautiful family!

  6. Sweet. Wish I had of found the challenge before now

  7. Aww, i loved reading this post!


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