Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 30! {My Style!}

I can't believe we are already 30 days into this challenge! It's been so fun! Today's topic is: Post a photo of something that is your style or something that you wish was your style. 

This is my typical style:

This is what I wish my style was but unfortunately I have nowhere to go in something like this: 

(Pictures found on Pinterest)


  1. Those dresses just scream "vacation"! Love 'em!

  2. Ah the plight of the young many cute clothes yet so impractical when you could end up with breakfast on your pretty maxi dress!

  3. I love the flowy maxi dresses, but have avoided them this summer for fear that my baby girl might (actually, probably would) yank down my top to let me know she is hungry, lol! ;)


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