Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why do I cloth diaper?

I've been asked this plenty of times. And I feel like a lot of people don't understand cding. So I thought I'd explain why I do it.

1. To save money

This is how I got Brian on board. We were going through $20 boxes of disposables in less than 2 weeks. And when you only get paid every two weeks its not fun having to scrap up change to buy more diapers for your kid. Now that we use cloth, I use one disposable a day. At night. We bought a box of 96 pampers diapers about a month ago and I still have about 15 diapers from that box left.

Now it is a little cost consuming to start up using cloth. But it can also be super cheap. Prefold and covers (like the old fashioned cding) are the cheapest route. All-in-One diapers and pocket diapers (both very similar to disposables) can get a little pricy but they are the simplest route and you can make up the money you spent by not having to buy sposies.

2. To help the earth!!

Heck why not!  We live on this earth, might as well make it the best we can. It take 550 years for ONE disposable diaper to decompose! Gracious! And think about how many diapers just one baby uses the first year of his/her life!

3. Cloth diapers are cute!

Hehe  they are much cuter than disposables! And there are sooo many varieties of diapers. It makes it fun!

So anyways, those are the main reason I cloth diaper. At first I was worried I wouldn't like it and it would be more work, but its really not at all and I LOVE doing it now. People complain about the poopy diapers and everything. While its not that fun, its no messier than changing a poopy disposable. I really believe that cloth is the best way to diaper and I want to educate others on the benefits of it. A lot of people think of cloth diapering as pins and prefolds and plastic pants. Its so not even like that anymore. The majority of the cloth diapers now work the exact same way as just don't throw them away!

If anyone has any questions about cloth or might be interested in starting up with cloth diapers..please contact me and I can help you get started! Its definately worth it!

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