Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nickels and dimes!

I am proud to say we are saving/searching to buy our own house!!! Its so exciting! I can't believe how far we have gone in a year. From living with family, barely able to pay for anything, to searching to buy our first house! All in one year! Oh and don't forget becoming parents too haha! Its been a crazy year! So the reason the title of this post is called nickels and dimes is because we are going to start saving every last nickle, dime, and penny for this house! Brian is having money directly deposited into his savings account so we don't even see it and therefore aren't tempted to spend it. And once Noah's bday and the wedding are over, we are literally watching every penny. We really want this and its worth it. So that also mean I gotta finish up my diaper stash and quit buying diapers! Haha! Now that is gonna be hard! Seriously! I'm gonna have to put a picture of a huge house on the fridge to remind myself how bad I want it!! I'm so excited!

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