Friday, March 26, 2010

Time to get down to Business!!

So we are back from our little mini vacation. It was lovely. Noah was an angel and enjoyed himself just as much as we did. The weather was perfect too. It was a great time away.

Now we are home and its time to get back to business! Sunday is my Avon party. I'm really hoping I can make some money and get some new customers. It would be awesome if I could be a top seller this campaign!

Then school starts Monday. I have to leave my sweet boy for about 5 hrs a day. Mon-Thurs. :( Its going to be hard. I'm so scared he's going to become a complete daddy's boy and forget about his mama. But I know I must do it and if I just get it overwith I will be done by fall. Thank goodness!

And now its total wedding planning extreme! We have just over a month and still lots to do! Hopefully I can get it all figured out in time and school won't mess me up with that!

So I leave you with some pictures from our trip! Keep me and the boys in your prayers while we go through this super busy next few months! If I'm not around as much...thats why. :/

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