Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A bump in the road

So it looks like it might not be possible for us to buy a house this year like we'd hoped. Brian is pretty dissapointed about it. For some reason I'm not so much. And this is coming from the girl who freaked out over EVERYTHING that didn't go right yesterday lol. Today I am especially calm about everything.

But anyways, we'll just have to find somewhere to rent again this next year. Stupid mortgage rules make you have to have credit and be paying on some sort of loan for over 3 years. Well were young..we've barely had credit that long. But its ok. I feel like its just God's way of saying I have something better in store for ya'll. Its always worked out that way in the past. Everytime I was dissapointed about something not going the way I wanted...something better always worked itself out. :)


  1. SO glad to hear you're taking everything in stride today. If you're looking at our side of town, it'd be fun to have you over here!

  2. You should check out our place to, they have a townhouse right behind us that's open, it's 600 a month, 35 for water, and pretty nice. If you do check it out, let them know I sent you :)


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