Friday, March 19, 2010


Sorry I've been missing the past few days. I've been extremely busy. I finally picked up my wedding dress. Yay! And received my reception dress. AND got my hair did  haha. AND we booked Noah's bday party! Whoo hoo got lots done!

A few things have gone down that have had me worried about this wedding. But hey, nobody can have a perfect wedding, with perfectly easy wedding planning. There's bound to be bumps in the road. I've decided to just let them go and keep moving forward. 

So all is well and I leave you with some pics. :)
Wedding hair

Family pic

My boys ♥


  1. Hey, This blog thing is awesome. I know we're not real close but I can really connect with a lot of your posts. Good luck with all the planning and remember God made days so that we only have to take one at a time.


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