Wednesday, May 29, 2013

That goes WHERE?! Lunette Menstrual Cup Review! #GreenYourSummer

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I'm always looking for ways to cut back on waste and for ways to save money. I had no idea, until just recently, that I could even do that with my monthly menstrual cycle! There are a few ways to "green" your period. Some women use "Mama Cloth", which are reusable cloth pads that you wash and reuse. I've never ever liked using pads so I haven't brought myself to use Mama Cloth yet, but when I discovered the Lunette Menstrual Cup I knew I had to give it a try! 

A menstrual cup takes the place of pads and tampons. You insert it like a tampon and it collects instead of absorbs and you empty it, wash it, and reuse it instead of throwing it away and replacing it with another. Yes, sounds a little gross, but it's really not that bad! 

The Lunette Menstrual Cup is made of medical grade silicone in Finland. It is latex-free and safe to use. It is designed for women of all ages and sizes, including women who have not yet had sexual intercourse. It comes in two different sizes for you to choose from depending on your size, amount of flow, age, and other things such as if you've had a baby or not. It's easy to clean, by boiling water or rubbing alcohol, saves money, and is environmentally friendly. 

Now I'm sure you are wondering how this thing works. Before I used it I was worried about it being gross and messy, keeping it clean, and even if it got stuck up there! I've used the Lunette menstrual cup for two cycles now, and it has taken some getting used to, but I'm beginning to really like it! 

You insert the Lunette cup like you would a tampon by folding and inserting. Just like a tampon if you get it positioned correctly you won't even feel it. You can wear the Lunette cup for up to 12 hours if possible without leaks, but they suggest you do not wear it more than 12 hours before taking it out and properly cleaning it. I've only worn mine a few hours at a time. Removing it has proven to be a bit of a struggle for me. I think because I am so nervous about it getting stuck that I tense up. The key to removing it is to relax. It's really not all that messy to remove it either. Everything is all contained inside the cup! In all honestly I find a tampon more gross than my Lunette Menstrual Cup! 

I am really starting to like my Lunette cup! It has taken a little getting used to but once I got the hang of inserting it and removing it, there was nothing to it! It works great, it's safe, and I'm so glad I don't have to create a bunch of waste with tampons and pads! It's so nice not to have to worry about having enough tampons on hand when that time of the month rolls around or having to go pick some up at the store! I just wash my Lunette cup and I'm ready to go! I think I'm a Lunette Menstrual Cup convert and I don't think I'll ever use tampons again! 

Have you ever used a Menstrual Cup or Mama Cloth? If so, what do you love about it? If not, is it something you're interested in trying? You'll have the chance to win one in the Green Your Summer giveaway hop, starting this Thursday, May 30th!


  1. I've been thinking about making the switch to a menstrual cup - thanks for the review! (I think I'll be a little nervous too when I start out)

  2. I've never tried a menstrual cup before so your review is really informative. Thanks!

  3. I had no idea something like this even existed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I recently tried my first menstrual cup. However, the one that I tried was disposable. I am definitely interested in a reusable. Thanks for the review! Maybe I will try the Lunette cup.

  5. I recently started using mama cloth, and I love them. I've thought about getting something like this, though, since we go to the beach/swimming so often. Thanks for the review!

  6. I began using a menstrual cup a couple of years ago. I purchased a DivaCup, which is the most popular brand in the US. After the initial learning curve, I knew I'd never go back. However, the DivaCup is one of the longer cups on the market, and I have this weird thing where sometimes my cervix drops low during my period (The things you learn when you begin using a Cup) I recently bought myself the smaller size of the Lunette. Can't wait to try it out! You know a concept is great when you're eager for your period.

    Menstrual cup tips: 1. Shop around. There are several different brands with different shapes and sizes. Read reviews from others to see which will likely suit your body best. The most popular brands are probably the Lunette, DivaCup, and MoonCup.
    1. Research different insertion folds. The one showed here is the "C fold", which is my least favorite. Better options are the "punch down fold" or "tulip fold" where you push the rim of the cup in and down while squeezing the sides; this makes more of a point. There is also the "7 fold" or "angle old" where you flatten the cup, and then fold one corner down at a 90 degree angle; even smaller point, and easiest to get it to pop open once it's inside (at least for me).
    3. Don't insert it pointing up: aim it back toward your tailbone.
    4. To pop the cup open once it's inside, many women learn that putting it partway in, letting it pop open, and THEN pushing it in deeper works better for them
    5. Make sure it's all the way open by running a finger around all sides of the cup to check.
    6. To remove, some women find it easier to squat way down, as this shortens the vagina. Push down with your muscles (yup, almost like you're trying to do a #2), and get ahold of the bottom tip of the cup. PINCH the cup to break the suction, and THEN pull it out.
    7. Best way to empty the cup? When you're taking your morning or evening shower. You can pop it out, wash it out, and pop it all back in with no mess. I only have to empty mine twice a day, so the other time I have to empty it into the toilet like everyone else...but the shower is way better.

    Anyway, I definitely recommend a menstrual cup! There is less waste, less cost, you don't have to worry about making sure your tampon changing times line up with your work/school breaks because a Cup can hold so much more, you don't have to worry about bringing tampons or pads with you someplace because you're already carrying the Cup! If you're not sure when you're going to start your period, it's OK to put the Cup in ahead of time since it won't dry you out like tampons will (which also means no Toxic Shock Syndrome). Many women report shorter periods with less cramping. In short, a menstrual cup is LIFE CHANGING.

  7. I have never tried a menstrual cup but I am thinking now is the right time to try. I appreciate the photo of the c-fold and I really like the previous commenters information about other types of folds.


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