Monday, May 27, 2013

Earth's Best Organic Diapers and Wipes Review!

Disclosure: I was sent these products free of charge. I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. 
If you read my blog, you know that we are a cloth diapering family and have been for a while. But I'll admit, I do like to keep disposables on hand for certain situations. I put Isaac in disposables for church nursery, or if he gets a really bad rash and needs some rash cream that isn't safe for cloth diapers, I like to have them. When I do put a disposable diaper on Isaac I want to make sure I'm putting on one that is as safe as possible for him, which is why I love using Earth's Best Organic Disposable Diapers and Wipes!

Both the Earth's Best Diapers and the Earth's Best Wipes are chlorine free. The diapers are latex-free, dye-free, and perfume free also. The diapers are made with fewer petro-chemicals and instead made with more naturally absorbent materials. The wipes are unscented, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free. They are gentle enough to use on baby's bum and their face and hands! 

I was sent both Earth's Best diapers and wipes to review. I received the diapers in a size 4, which is the size Isaac is in. They fit him really well and are very absorbent! A few weeks ago he had a little bit of a rash so I put him in an Earth's Best diaper overnight with some diaper cream and the diaper held up all night without any leaks! I really like that when I do have to put a disposable diaper on him I can put one that is not full of tons of chemicals and is made as naturally as possible! The baby wipes are really thick and cloth-like. They are a bit more soapy feeling than I like so I usually use them to wipe messy hands and faces! They are really gentle on Isaac's sensitive skin, which is great!

I don't always use disposable diapers but when I do I love that I can use a disposable that is made to be as safe as possible for my baby. I love that they are free of chemicals such as chlorine, dyes, and perfumes! Earth's Best is the disposable diaper I will continue to use when I need to use a disposable diaper on my baby! 


  1. If you've got to go sposie, as natural as possible is the way to go! We'll have to give this a try next time we need to use sposies.

  2. These sound like great products. Will share the information with my readers!

  3. I would have loved to have these when my kids were babies. It is great to see people becoming more aware of saving and protecting the environment.

  4. When I needed some disposable for a trip that my daughter and I took back in January, I chose a chlorine-free brand as well. I have not tried Earth's Best, but I will keep them in mind if I need disposables again.

  5. Have yet to try Earth's Best, but we have used Seventh Generation since it is the only chemical-free option at our local grocery store.

    Will definitely be sharing with my readers as well, because if they aren't going to use cloth, this is definitely the next best thing!

  6. Earth's best disposable diapers were my favorite sposie for my son. I love the high rise on them. it makes them great for boys.


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