Thursday, May 16, 2013

Looking and Feeling Great While Getting in Shape- Ellie Fitness Apparel Review!

In March I started running. After seeing some of my friends take up running and love it I wanted to give it a try. It's become part of my daily routine now and I love it! When I run I like to look and feel confident. It just helps me to be motivated and feel good while I'm running! With Ellie I can look great and feel great in their super cute fitness apparel! 

You may be wondering what exactly Ellie is and how they work. Ellie is basically where fitness meets fashion. They offer styish, yet functional workout apparel for all body types. All of their apparel is designed by women so they know what works and what doesn't. The clothing is cute but still functions great during your daily workout! 

When you visit Ellie you can take a short quiz to let them know your style preferences and size. Then they will show you a huge variety of tops and bottoms that they think you will love! If you are not a member of the Fit Fashionista Club you can purchase any items at a great price. If you become a member of the Fit Fashionista Club you get two clothing items per month for the great price of $49.95 with FREE shipping! Every month they come out with a new line so you will always have something new and fresh to choose from! Plus if you are a member of the Fit Fashionista Club you get priority choice before non-members. You'll also get in on great flash sales, discounts, and other events as a member!

I chose the Back in Black Tank and the Little Black Leggings to review.  I am really loving both the top and the bottom for when I run! The Little Black Leggings are so great for running because they don't ride up at all while I am running! Every other pair of leggings I have rides up and is so uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing! These fit perfectly and stay exactly where they need to the whole time I am running! The Back in Black Tank is super cute and I love wearing it when I'm running! It's a razorback tank with a built in bra! I love the open sides because when I'm running I get a nice breeze through there and I don't get as hot! Plus I feel super cute when I'm wearing it!

I've had this outfit for about a month now and I've worn it a lot! They've been washed quite a few times and aren't showing any signs of wear at all! Ellie clothing is great quality! I feel sure this outfit will last me through many runs! 

Overall I am loving my outfit from Ellie! It is super cute, super functional for running and other forms of exercise, and super great quality! 


  1. Very cute! I'm definitely someone who needs a separate and super supportive type of sports bra, but the shirt does look comfy. And it's good to know that the pants don't ride up...I hate when that happens!

  2. Looks totally comfortable and easy to move in. I'm going to have to go and look into this.


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