Friday, May 3, 2013

Five Fun Date Night Ideas When You're On A Tight Budget!

After having kids, sometimes it's not as easy to keep the spark as strong in your relationship with your significant other. It's important to take time to spend with your partner when you get the chance. My husband and I try to have a date night at least once a month. But it's not always easy when we don't have the extra money in our budget to pay for a sitter or to go out and spend a lot on dinner and a movie. It seems like everything is so expensive these days that it's hard to find things that are cheap, or better yet, FREE, to do with your special someone! 

Here's a few ideas for fun, but cheap or free date nights! 

1. Have a "Day Date"! Take a stroll in the park! If you're close enough, drive down to the beach together! Make a picnic lunch and have a picnic in the grass! Just enjoy the day together!

2. Date Night In! After you put the kids to bed for the night cook your own dinner together, pour a glass of wine, put in a good movie, and snuggle on the couch together! You don't have to even leave the house to have a great date night! 

3. Game Night! Call up some other couples and have a game night one evening! It's great to have adult interaction with other friends and catch up! 

4. Make Something Together! It doesn't matter if you are baking together or working on one of your "honey do" projects together for the house! Spending time together accomplishing something is great! I love to do little house projects with my hubby! It gets us talking and we get silly and then when we are finished it feels great to have accomplished something together! 

5. Check Daily Deal Websites! Websites such as Groupon have all kinds of deals for all kinds of different things to do! From food, to activities, to massages, to getaways you can usually find something fun to do at a really great discounted price! 

So there you have it! A few fun ideas for your next date night! Spending time with your significant other is so important! Life gets busy and sometimes we tend to put that relationship on the back burner. Try to make your relationship a priority and get out there and have some fun with that special someone! 


  1. My boyfriend and I are big movie goers. Since having children we've learned to snag matinee prices. Day time movies are less crowded anyway, which leaves my feeling less guilty about bringing my tag-along nursling. :)

  2. This is such a good idea! It's so hard to get time together but so important!

  3. Great ideas. We used to go on a date every weekend before we got married. Now I have to drag my husband everywhere.


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