Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rockabilly Baby One-Size Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper Review!

The New Baby, New Fluff Giveaway Hop is currently going on right now and Rockabilly Baby is one of our awesome sponsors for this event! Bri, the creator of Rockabilly Baby, not only generously offered a custom hybrid fitted for the giveaway but sent me one to review as well! 

I received this adorable ooga booga print to review with a super bright lime green inner material! 

As you can see in the picture it is a one-size diaper with a fold-down rise for size adjustment. At about 22 pounds Isaac can wear the diaper on the largest setting and get a great fit. I'm not a huge fan of the fold-down rise on diapers because I always wonder if the snaps are poking at his belly when they aren't folded down, but they don't seem to bother him too much if they do. I just prefer the snap-down rises on diapers. It's totally just a personal preference though. 

I love how soft and squishy this diaper is! I've washed it a few times already and it is still just as soft as before I washed it. The material is very stretchy too, which I really like. I can overlap the wings on Isaac and get a great fit! Plus that means he has PLENTY of room to grown in this diaper! I don't get any belly slouch with this diaper either which is great because sometimes if there is a little give in the belly we get leaks. 

Like I said, I've only washed this a few times so far, but we've had no issues with leaks or blow outs! It seems to be really absorbent! Isaac's not a super heavy wetter but he does pee a lot and while the inside of the diaper has been really went, around the legs or on the outside stays dry! 

Overall I am loving this diaper! It fits well and works well, and it's super cute! Bri has so many cute prints to choose from you are bound to find one you like! 

Check out the Rockabilly Baby Cloth Diapers Facebook page for fabric choices and be sure to enter to win one of your own Rockabilly Baby One-Size Hybrid Fitted diapers in the New Baby, New Fluff Giveaway Hop


  1. Great review! I love the lime green inside of the diaper!!!

  2. I love the fabric pattern! I miss the cuteness of the cloth diapers, but not changing them!

  3. The ooga print is so cute! Looks like a really soft and thirsty diaper.

  4. I love Rockabilly Baby! Bri's diapers are super squishy and soft, and REALLY absorbent. My son wears his overnight a lot.

  5. I'm just starting to get into cloth diapers - this one is very cute!!!

  6. Love this diaper! Thank you for the awesome review...I have not heard of Rockabilly diapers until now :-)


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