Saturday, March 9, 2013

Live Clean Diaper Ointment Review!

I love using my cloth diapers full time, and I love using a good cloth diaper safe rash cream or ointment when Isaac's bum gets a little red, but sometimes when it gets really red or broken out I like to use disposables and use the stuff that isn't so great for cloth diapers because it creates a good barrier between Isaac's skin and the diaper while he's healing. But these other diaper rash creams don't always have the best ingredients and aren't always the greatest for the environment. But Live Clean Diaper Ointment is made with natural ingredients that are better for baby and for the environment! 

Live Clean Diaper Ointment is made from 100% natural ingredients, 80% of that is plant ingredients. It is hypoallergenic and pediatrician tested. It's ingredients include zinc oxide that soothe the skin a provide a protective barrier between baby and the diaper. This keeps any moisture away from your baby's bum while it is healing. 

I've used Live Clean Diaper Ointment on Isaac quite a few times now. I don't use it with my cloth diapers because I just don't know how my diapers will react to it. But it works great with disposable diapers. If Isaac is getting red or has a rash I usually just put him in a disposable overnight and rub some of this diaper ointment on him. Almost every time the rash or redness is gone by morning. I really like that this diaper ointment is as strong and effective as other well known diaper creams but not harmful to my baby or to the environment in any way. That's always a plus in my book! Plus you never need to use a lot for it to work so a tube will last a long time! 

Overall I really like Live Clean Diaper Ointment. Live Clean also has a number of other products for baby such as tearless shampoo and moisturizing baby lotion!

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  1. Thanks for this review! I've seen this ointment at Walgreens but hadn't seen many reviews on it. I also use cloth but when my little one has a red bottom I like to slather him in ointment and use a disposable. I love that this is made with plant based ingredients - I'm always looking for ways to cut down on his exposure to chemicals. Thanks!

  2. I do the same thing when mine has a rash! Put them in a disposable overnight! LOL!
    I'm going to have to pick some of this stuff up!


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