Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Is Your Baby an Instagram Star?!

I love Instagram! Seriously I post more pictures on Instagram of my kids than I do on Facebook or anywhere else! I love all the cool filters and being able to add hash tags and everything about it! I also love Earth's Best products and actually follow them on Instagram! 

Earth's Best runs this cool contest on Instagram every month that gives you a chance to win big! All you have to do is take a picture of your baby eating some yummy Earth's Best organic food! So if you don't have Instagram already, be sure to download the free app! Then take an adorable picture of your little one eating some delicious Earth's Best food! Then add a cool filter to it and use the hash tag #babyfoodie in the comments! It's that simple! 

If your baby wins #babyfoodie of the month, Earth's Best will notify you from their Instagram that you are the winner! As the winner, your photo will be featured on the Earth's Best Facebook page, you will receive a two weeks supply of Earth's Best Organic products, and a free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book! 

So if you are like me, now you can use one of those hundreds of pictures you take of your kiddos, and win something with it! So what are you waiting for?! Start snapping those adorable pictures! 


  1. yes i too love IG !! It's nice to be involved with others through pictures don't you think ?? I love it and love seeing pictures of the boys and what your up to!!

  2. I'm just starting with Instagram, but I love all the cool filters.

  3. I love Earth's Best! What a fun contest. Gonna go enter!

  4. I love Instagram and InstaCollage which helps you create some cool images.


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