Monday, February 11, 2013

Waiting for Answers

So I just wanted to give you a little update in some things going on in our life right now. I feel like I don't update ya'll on the boys enough so I'm going to work on doing that more. 

So anyways, last Tuesday I brought Isaac to the doctor for a well checkup with our new doctor (we switched insurance so we had to switch doctors). I had a few concerns that I wanted to ask the doctor about going in to the appointment. The main one was Isaac's groin area has been swollen for the past few weeks, ever since he got sick with an upper respiratory infection. Noah has a condition called hydrocele, which is basically where the hole between the abdomen and the scrotum didn't close up like  it's supposed to in the womb. So fluid sometimes drains into the scrotum causing a heavy, uncomfortable feeling. Noah's often gets like this when he is sick. So I assumed that this is what was wrong with Isaac, but I wasn't sure why the swelling wasn't going down like Noah's does after he's better. 

To make a long story short, the doctor examined him and diagnosed him with a hernia. This is basically where part of the intestine protrudes through a hole or weak area in the abdomen wall into the scrotum area. The doctor also told us that he would have to have surgery to repair this. He referred us to a pediatric urologist to have a look at him and schedule the surgery.

We are now waiting for the phone call to schedule the appointment with the urologist. I am so worried about surgery but I know this is the only way to repair it. The doctor let us know that if Isaac ever gets inconsolable and is crying in pain to take him to the ER immediately because the hole where the intestines have gone through can squeeze that part of the intestine and cause a lot of pain and even cut off that part of the intestine! So I worry about that too. Every time he cries I get nervous. The other night he woke up screaming and I went running! He was ok though, thank goodness! 

So now it's just a waiting game. We wait to make the appointment, and then we wait to see the doctor, and then we wait to do the surgery. They usually try to do the surgery fairly quickly after they discover it, so that makes me feel a little better. I just want some answers. I want to know the details of the surgery and how long he will be out and what his recovery will be like. It's so hard not knowing. 

That's where we are right now. Noah may also need surgery to repair the hole he has, but it's not as immediate as Isaac's will need to be. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers and I will update you as I find out more information!  


  1. My son had surgery to repair a hernia, it was outpatient and he left that evening. The worse part was when he went for his check-up after surgery he developed a hernia on the otherside and we had to do it all over again! He was not in a lot of pain after surgery and up and running within a few days. He was 18 months and then 2 when he had his done.

  2. Don't worry too much. This is very common in boys for some reason. Most all the boys in my family have had this and it is an outpatient procedure. Will pray for his speedy recovery. =D

  3. At the age of 5, I had surgery to remove 2 hernias, one just under each ovary. Procedure was done first thing in the morning on a Friday, I was home by lunch, and was at school on Monday, altho I was still a slow walker. :)

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  4. I will definitely be keeping you all in prayer. It's so hard to go through things like this. I have faith that everything will go well and he will make a speedy recover.


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