Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eating Veggies Can Be Fun With New Earth's Best Veggie Purees!

Vegetables provide so many great benefits yet sometimes it can be so hard to get your little ones to eat them! My three year old thinks that any food the color green is nasty! That's what he says anytime he sees a green vegetable on his plate! So then I have to convince him that it is not nasty, and to at least try it. It takes quite a lot of convincing. He used to love vegetables as a baby! When we first introduced solid foods to him he needed no convincing!

Some things to remember about introducing vegetables to little ones is to keep your expectations low. At first they may spit it out and seem like they don't like it. But try again in a few days. My doctor once told me that kids will hate something once but then like it the next time you give it to them. So he said keep trying with foods they don't like because they may eventually grow to like them. Also, your kids are more likely to eat what you eat. So if you don't eat your vegetables they aren't going to want to either. Be the good example that they need. Also, don't put too much pressure on them to eat the vegetables. Studies have shown that kids who are pressured to eat foods they don't like, end up being even pickier than before. What I do with Noah is try to get him to at least taste the food once. If he likes it, great! If he doesn't then I let it go and try again another day. 

Earth's Best is now offering vegetable purees in four awesome flavors! The choices are Sweet Potato and Beets, Carrots and Broccoli, Pumpkin and Spinach, and Squash and Sweet Peas! These can make a great meal for infants or a great snack for toddlers! These purees are full of healthy vitamins and are organic, just like all the other Earth's Best products! 

We received a package of Earth's Best products to review for this month and it included the four new veggie purees! Isaac loved the Carrots and Broccoli and I even got Noah to eat the Squash and Sweet Peas! 

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  1. I love Earth's Best! And so does my little one

  2. Earth's Best is awesome. I love how they have NO GMO right on the packaging!

  3. My little one loves the Earth's Best purees!

  4. Earth's Best First Peas were my daughters first solid!

  5. I can't enter, but I LOVE Earth's Best! Thanks for sharing. My almost 3 year old loves these!


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