Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Green Kid Crafts Review!

Noah loves to do crafts! He doesn't have a lot of patience yet, but if you get him into a good craft he stays content for quite a while and really enjoys doing them! I was really excited when I was given the opportunity to review Green Kid Crafts because of how much Noah loves to do crafts! I knew this would be something he enjoyed! 
Green Kid Crafts is a mom-owned business that uses green products to create activity boxes for kids to make their own crafts each month. They have a subscription program where each month you receive a Discovery Box. In that box are items to create three different crafts. The crafts are appropriate for ages 3 to 8. Each month has a different theme relating to the environment! The theme for the month of January was "Nature" 

The box comes with all the items you need to do the crafts as well as some fun items for learning and cards that tell you how to do each craft! It also comes with a Discover More guide with ideas for additional crafts, related reading, and some fun facts!
This week on a very rainy day, Noah and I did one of the crafts in the Discovery Box and had so much fun together! He decided he wanted to make the pine cone bird feeder. So we followed the directions on the card and made the easiest, cutest bird feeder! The box had all the items we'd need, all the way down to the peanut butter! It was very simple for him to do with just a little help from me. He had so much fun making it and was so proud of himself! I loved watching him do it himself and learn new things while he created this bird feeder! He looks out the window every day to see if there are any birds eating from the pine cone! There usually are, so we get a chance to check out more nature by watching the birds! This week since the weather will be nice we are going to go outside and look for some leaves and things to decorate his bag with! He's really excited to do another craft about nature!

I love the monthly Discovery Boxes that Green Kid Crafts provides with their subscription program! I'll admit, I'm not very creative myself and have a hard time coming up with fun, educational things for my kids to do while we are home. Green Kid Crafts helps me with these ideas and provides the products I need for them! At only $19.50 a month I am seriously considering subscribing so we can receive a box each month! It's great fun that teaches kids about the world around them! 

Green Kid Crafts is going to be sponsoring the Grand Prize for the "It's Time To Get Crafty" giveaway hop starting tomorrow so be sure to check back for your chance to enter to win a 6 month subscription to Green Kid Crafts!


  1. Looks like you guys had fun with this. I'm waiting on mine in the mail, should be here this week, I can't wait to check it out with Maggie.

  2. My kids would love this! They are constantly finding things and making crafts with them (they inherit that from my mother in law!) They would get a kick out of this!

  3. I love that the box comes with everything you need! No worries about last minute trips to the craft store before your project.


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