Monday, February 4, 2013

Fourteen Beautiful Months!

My sweet little Isaac is 14 months old now. He is growing up so fast and learning so many things so fast now! Here's a little bit about him at 14 months old: 

  • He's about 21.5lbs 
  • He's still in 12-18m size clothes
  • He's walking and starting to run even!
  • He can say " mama, dada, papa, nana, uh oh, bye bye, and woof woof" 
  • He's learning the names of his body parts..right now he can only point out his belly, but we are working on nose too!
  • He loves to play with his brother! They chase each other and play cars and do puzzles together and everything! I love seeing them play together now. They are best friends. 
  • He is no longer breastfeeding. The day he turned 14 months was the day he stopped. It was bittersweet but I'm totally ok with it. We had a wonderful 14 months of nursing! 
Babies grow up so fast! It is so bittersweet but so fun watching them grow and learn! How old is your little one? What's their latest milestone or accomplishment? 


  1. i love this michelle, i should start doing this.. its nice to look back at these fun facts about them as they get older.. your lil munchkin is too cute.

  2. I agree with Pollyanna, such a great idea!

    I breastfed my first for 14 months too!

  3. My baby girl will turn 7 months on Feb 9. Time is flying, she is now bear crawling and is on the verge of crawling! She also is loving trying new fruits and veggies! Last night we gave her a cup of water and she loved trying it out! They grow so fast, my boys are now 7 and 4, where does the time go??

  4. My daughter is the same age. Her favorite things are reading books, balls, rubber ducks, play room, and goldfish crackers.

  5. I was thinking of doing a monthly update from my older daughter's point of view on being a big sister. That way they're both included. :)

  6. Awwww! Linc is only a month older. So fun to see how they are the same and different.


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