Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Blog Challenge Day 35! {Talk About A Fear You Have!}

I am scared of everything. Seriously I'm such a scaredy cat! I don't like bugs, snakes, horror stories, and even the dark!I fear losing my family, or something terrible happening to my boys. But I'm going to tell you about a *strange* fear I have. 

I have a fear of music boxes!!!

Yup, I'm a weirdo, I know. I can't stand those things! I don't like being in the same room as one and if you wind one up you are going to see me freak out! Something about winding it up and hearing that creepy music, not knowing when it's going to stop gives me the heebie jeebies! I'm not sure what the name for this phobia would be but it's just that..a phobia! I can just see a music box and get goosebumps!!

What are you afraid of? Do you have any strange fears??


  1. I've never heard that fear before! Google'd it to see if there's an official term for it, but couldn't find one. But you're not alone...there are others who also have that same fear.

  2. That is a strange fear, lol! I have never known someone who is afraid of music boxes! ;)

  3. I love music boxes, but am pretty much afraid of everything else. I'm such a chicken.

  4. wow. I never have heard of that fear before. :p Any idea of what may have cause such a fear?

  5. My eldest daughter - she is almost 21 - is afraid of whipped cream. It is so weird because I can't get enough of it on ice cream sundaes and the like!

    After writing my post, these make me smile...and want to give you a big hug....

    AH! Fears! Read my post to see what I am afraid of... in addition to being afraid of the dark, ofcourse.

  6. I have a facination of other peoples weird fears, with the utmost facination of people being afraid of cats. Its so innapropriatly hilarious to me. I have a close friend who is terrified of Jelly fish. I am irrationally afraid of throwing up. So much so that I have a panic attack upon any sign of nausea. Being pregnant was torture.


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