Monday, July 23, 2012

My Cloth Diapering Must-Haves

Using cloth diapers isn't JUST using cloth diapers. You have to use other products along with your cloth diapers to truly make a cloth diaper stash work. I have a few must-haves that go right along with my cloth diapers and if I didn't have these cloth diapering wouldn't be very easy at all! 

My first two must-haves are my diaper pail, and diaper pail liner. I just use a plastic trash pail that I line with a pail liner. My pail liner makes my life so much easier! I just put the soiled diapers in the pail liner and the liner keeps all the mess and smell contained! When it's time to wash I just gather the pail liner and carry the diapers  to the washer. I can wash the pail liner right along with my diapers so it gets clean too! I have two pail liners so that while I'm washing I still have one to put soiled diapers in. It's so easy! 

Diaper Pail with Diaper Pail Liner

Pail Liner with diapers ready to be washed!

Another must-have of mine for cloth diapering is a wet bag. I have a medium sized wet bag that I stick in the diaper bag when we go places. It's made with PUL so it keeps all the wet, mess, and stink in the bag! I just put my diapers in there when I change little guy and throw it all in the wash when we get home! Wet bags come in different sizes from super small for wipes to large for quite a few diapers at once! The great thing about wet bags is they are versatile and can be used for wet or dirty clothes or even shoes! 
My medium Planet Wise Black Curly Q print wetbag! 
My last cloth diaper must-have accessories are cloth wipes!  For some reason I didn't use cloth wipes when Noah was in diapers but I decided to give them a try when Isaac was born and I love them! Instead of using 5 or 6 disposable wipes for a poopy mess I can use 1 or 2 cloth wipes! It saves us even more money using cloth wipes too! I have mostly just baby washcloths that I use and I fold them into a disposable wipes container. Then I just pour my wipes mixture (Coconut oil, baby wash, and water) over the wipes and I'm done! They get washed with the diapers every other day! They are so easy to use! 

Without these three products cloth diapering my kids wouldn't be near as easy or beneficial! What are your cloth diapering must-haves? 


  1. My friends think I am crazy, but when my youngest was in diapers, I used flats. Nothing but a big square of muslin! I used washcloths (that I knit myself) for wipes. I had a diaper pail, but when we were out I just put them in an old walmart sack! They all laughed at how simple it was, but from the day he was born until the day he was potty trained, I only spent a whole $37 on diapering!

  2. When I cloth diapered my twins a wet bag was a MUST! Unfortunately with going back to work we don't use cloth as much anymore because I don't have the time, but we are halfway to potty training so perhaps no more diapers at all is in my near future! :D

  3. My must have is my wet bag for sure! I used to use my Pail liners but now I really like my wet bags more.


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