Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday! {Free and Cheap Kids Activities!}

The Not So Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom

We are back at it! I'd like to first include a big congrats to my co-host Abbey! She recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! Go check out her awesome birth story

Today we are talking about Free and Cheap Kids Activities! It's summer and the kids get bored easy! So what do you do to keep your kids busy and happy?! Here's a few of the things we do! 

1. Playing Outside! Here in Georgia it is HOT and HUMID in the summer and it's not very pleasant outside at all. But we still try to get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine! When we are outside it usually involves some type of water! We have a neighborhood pool that we swim at and we also have a small blow up pool, sprinklers, and a slip&slide that we play in right in our back yard! 

2. Children's Summer Activities in the Community! It may take a little hunting but a lot of community's have summer activities for kids that are free or cheap! One great place to look is your local library! Most library's have weekly story time for small kids as well as other activities for big kids! 

Something that I just signed Noah up for is the Kids Bowl Free program! All you do is go to the website and find a participating bowling alley near you, sign up, and get your coupons in your email! Your kids (under age 15) get 2 FREE games per day! All you have to pay for is shoes! I'm so excited to take Noah bowling! 

If you have a Home Depot near you, you can bring your kids to a FREE Kids Workshop  where they will build something and receive a Home Depot apron! The workshop is on the first Saturday of  every month!

One of the best ways to find free and cheap activities in your community is to simply Google! 

3. Make Up Your Own Activities! Sometimes when it's rainy or there's nothing going on and we are at home we just make up our own fun! I shared Car Painting just the other day on my blog, which is one fun activity we do at home! We also build forts and play pretend school or doctor! Pinterest is FULL of awesome kids activities you can do right at home! 

What are some free and cheap kids activities you do with your kids? Comment below or write a blog post and link up with us! 

**This is not a blog hope! Please do not link up unless you post on the topic on your blog!**

Next Week's Topic: Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression. Did you suffer from the baby blues or postpartum depression? How did/do you cope? Did you see your doctor about it or push through it on your own? Do you have any tips for other moms dealing with the same feelings? 


  1. Lowe's also does a kid's workshop, theirs is every other Saturday.

  2. Cute blog hop idea! Sometimes it's just too hot to venture outdoors, so on days when we're stuck inside I'll break out the paint supplies and just let the kids have at it! You can see my little artist at work:)


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