Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Medela Calma Review!

Medela is all about breastfeeding and helping moms to do it as long as they want to. They carry items such as breast pumps, cleaning supplies, storage bags, bottles, and even nursing bras! There newest product is the Calma nipple for feeding baby breastmilk with a bottle! 

I was super excited to review the Calma, but also somewhat nervous. Because Isaac does not like bottles. It took us a few months to get him to take a bottle from anyone..including his daddy and Nana (my mother)! He finally started taking them but only when I was nowhere around and it was his only option. So I was pretty nervous about him taking this one. But the Calma is actually made for breastfed babies!

The Calma: 

  • Makes the transition from breast to bottle easily. With the Calma the baby is able to use the same techniques using the Calma as breastfeeding. 
  • The milk only flows when baby creates a vacuum which also means it won't spill when turned upside down.
  • The nipple can be used for all stages of breastmilk feeding

So the first time Isaac tried it I was there. He took to it right away and didn't have any issues with it. He gulped the milk right down! I was so excited! Then a few days later hubby and I had a date night and my mother was watching the boys, so this was the true test! He did fuss a bit at first but he eventually took the bottle for my mom and drank it right up! I don't think there was an issue at all with the bottle, but more of an issue that mommy wasn't there and he wasn't able to nurse. Of the bottles we have tried this was definitely the easiest to get him to take and seemed to be the easiest for him to adjust to! 

I love that this bottle makes the transition to a bottle easy for my breastfed baby! I love that it is made for the breastfed baby and works very similar to breastfeeding! And most of all, I love that Medela is looking out for the breastfed babies and their moms by providing amazing products like the Calma! 

Buy It!

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