Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket Spring Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight! {Dustin Maher's Babytone Workout DVDs}

It's not always easy to lose the weight after having a baby. Life is busy and baby takes up a lot of time and we tend to always put ourselves last, which is completely understandable. But with Dustin Maher's Babytone Workout DVD you can work out and lose the baby weight WITH the baby!! 

Dustin Maher is a fitness professional who has a heart for moms! His own mom was a stay-at-home mom who, he says, did so much for them but didn't take a lot of time for herself. He realized he could help other moms eat healthy and lose weight! 

The Babytone Workout DVDs are designed for moms, like you and me, that are crunched for time and can't pick up and go to the gym. There are seven different workouts that work every part of the body and are full of variety! Each workout lasts 15 minutes or less. Most of the workouts even use the baby!! There are workouts with just the baby, baby in the carrier, and even a stroller workout! 

Check out this clip of some of the workouts!

I was really excited about this workout dvd when I heard about it! I thought it was so cool to be able to work out WITH baby! I think it's even cooler now that I've had the chance to review the dvds and do the workouts myself! These workouts are no joke! Isaac is 16 pounds and lifting him repeatedly or doing squats while holding him is not easy! I have a hard time getting through the whole workout while holding him! But I am seeing results! With doing this and going to a zumba class I have reached my pre-baby weight minus 2 pounds! I now weigh 128lbs! I haven't weighed that since high school! 

I think what Dustin Meher is doing with this Babytone Workout DVD and his other workout programs is great! He's helping moms get back in shape and get healthy! His workouts are effective but don't take a lot of time! You can do it while playing with your baby! So instead of trying to wait for baby to hopefully take a nice long nap to get a workout in, you can do it while baby is awake and happy! You can do it anytime of the day! I love the Babytone Workout DVD and I know you will too! 

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  1. That workout DVD looks awesome! Not sure I could do exercises holding my 18lbs giant though! haha

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  2. Wow! You rock!



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