Monday, April 16, 2012

Thirty-One with Aimee {Sponsored Post}

Have you heard of Thirty-One yet? I discovered Thirty-One a few years ago but have recently learned more about the business from a great independent director, Aimee Buckert! 

"Thirty-One is one of the fastest growing direct-selling companies in the country and is the #1 direct-selling brand of exclusive, on-trend, stylish and practical handbags, fashion accessories, totes, and organizing solutions. Thirty-One's founder Cindy Monroe began the company in 2003 out of her basement to address the need of providing affordable and fashionable products previously available only at exclusive boutiques that closed at 5 p.m. – too early for working women to shop there. Thirty-One exists because Cindy wanted to provide an opportunity for women to find financial freedom through owning their own business in direct selling. Thirty-One's name comes from Proverbs 31:31, which celebrates hard-working women. Thirty-One continually focuses on celebrating, encouraging and rewarding women!"

Aimee started with Thirty-One in September of 2010. Her youngest child was premature and the hospital bills were beginning to pile up. After receiving a catalog from a consultant she talked about joining Thirty-One with her husband. They decided to charge the $99 start-up fee in hopes that they would be able to pay it pack with her earnings and also hopefully pay for Christmas that year. Well the business took off fast and the paycheck she received right before Christmas was $923!! She had earned enough to pay off the start-up fee and for Christmas in just two weeks! They are continuing to pay for things debt-free and have also been able to help a family in need with their Christmas all because of Thirty-One! Aimee says her business is continuing to grow! She mentors 46 other consultants in 12 different states,  and she loves sharing what Thirty-One is all about because it's not just about purses! 

Starting April 16 (today!) through May 31st is the Opportunity to Join Incentive! This incentive gives new consultants the opportunity to earn a $99 rebate on their Enrollment Kit when they submit $1,000 of personal volume in their first 30 days! This basically means they can get their Enrollment Kit for FREE! Beginning today, new consultants have a choice of two Enrollment kits. One featuring many of the new spring patterns, and the other featuring the black and white patterns. In addition to the $99 rebate, new consultants will receive the Enrollment Kit of $300 worth of product and business supplies, at least $250 in commission, and will be well on their way to earning other business products for FREE! 

If you are looking for a way to earn more money and enjoy doing it, now is the best time to join Thirty-One! Visit Aimee's Website for more information, to make a purchase, and to contact her about joining!

Be on the lookout for a Review/Giveaway coming next week from Thirty-One with Aimee! 

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