Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mommy Talk Tuesday! {Cloth Diapers!}

The Not So Secret Confessions of
a Second Time Mom

This week's topic for Mommy Talk Tuesday is Cloth Diapers! Do you cloth diaper? If not, why not? If so, what convinced you to switch to cloth? What do you love about cloth? What are is your favorite diaper or type of diaper? Any troubleshooting questions? Feel free to ask! 

As you probably know I do cloth diaper! I started cloth diapering when Noah was about 7 months old and cloth diapered him until he was potty trained last summer. I have been cloth diapering Isaac pretty much since he was born. I originally became interested in cloth diapers because I wanted to save us some money. Disposables were not cheap and we were tight financially. Once I got started I never went back! 

I love everything about cloth diapering! It saves me money, it's good for my baby, and it's good for the environment! I never have to run to the store just for some diapers...the most I ever have to do is do a load of laundry. I love how cute they look on my baby! I love how easy they are to use! Even my husband loves them! 

My favorite cloth diapers are pockets. Especially Fuzzibunz. I LOVE the Perfect Size Fuzzibunz and just ordered some more for my stash! I can't wait to get some fluffy mail! 

And because he's so cute..here's a picture of Isaac in his cloth! 


We'd love to hear your thoughts on Cloth Diapers so please comment below or write up a blog post and link up!  

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Next week's topic is : Sleep! (Does your child sleep through the night? Do/Did you sleep train? When did they start sleeping through the night if they do? Tips or Questions for other moms. 


  1. my boys are teens.... cloth diapering was still a bit difficult back them and having 3 in diapers, my husband vetoed it, much to my chagrin, but it it was probably wise. I was already over my head with 3 asthmatic autism spectrum boys.


  2. I cloth diapered both of my kids, until my diapers wore out after 3 years of constant use. :) We started with our first daughter when she was six months old (we'd used a cloth diaper service until then) and she potty trained just before our second daughter was born, so I could start using the diapers on our second. Like I said, she wore them out... so we're trying to encourage her to potty train now (she's almost two). When we get pregnant again, I'll be buying cloth diapers again. I loved them. :) ~SASS


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