Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poppet Baby Wear Review!

Poppet Baby Wear is the world's finest merino baby wear, blankets, and bedding! Their products are made from merino wool from merino sheep of New Zealand. Their products are also handmade in New Zealand!

I was given the opportunity to review the Poppet Handmade Natural Baby Body Suit, long sleeve onesie! This onesie is also made of merino wool. This wool can be worn during any season and naturally regulates baby's body temperature.This wool is stain and odor resistant also and can be machine washed and dried!
This onesie is so soft! I want one for myself because it feels so soft and comfy! It's also super adorable! I love how it can regulate baby's body temperature and prevent baby from getting overheated because that is always a huge worry of mine. I'm constantly wondering if Isaac is cool enough or warm enough. This onesie is perfect for this time of year where the mornings are still chilly but the afternoons are warm! This would make a great shower gift and goes perfectly with their blankets, hats, and sleep sacks! 

Here's my little guy in his Poppet Baby Onesie!

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  1. Very cute and perfect for our Carolina spring weather-80° yesterday, 55° today.


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