Monday, January 23, 2012

Safety 1st Sink Snuggler Review & Giveaway! {New Year, New Babies, New Mommies of 2!}

Bathing a baby is not a very easy task! Especially when baby is teeny tiny and slippery and wiggly! It can be a nerve wracking task for any parent! The Safety 1st Sink Snuggler makes bathing your baby a little bit easier by providing an alternative to the typical infant bathtub!
The Safety 1stSink Snuggler is designed to fit in your kitchen sink for easy bathing and ideal comfort for your baby! It is made of all foam so it contours to your kitchen sink perfectly. It adjusts with Velcro to fit different size sinks. When you’re done bathing the baby it lays out flat for easy drying.

I think the Safety 1st Sink Snuggler is a great idea! It makes bathing your baby much easier because you aren’t bending over the tub trying to wash your slippery baby. When Isaac and Noah take a bath together in the tub I always have to bend over to wash Isaac and keep my hands on him so he doesn’t slip and by the time bath time is over my back is killing me! When I bathe Isaac alone in the Sink Snuggler my back doesn’t hurt and all because I can bathe him right at my level. It’s also easier to keep hold of him while washing him at the same time.
We have a double kitchen sink so Isaac wasn’t able to lay out in the sink snuggler as much. And since he can’t sit up on his own yet, I had to somewhat support him. I think it would work great if we had a single kitchen sink! It would work just like a bath tub! And once Isaac can sit up it will be even easier, even with the double sink! And I absolutely love that it hangs up flat to dry!
The Safety 1st Sink Snuggler Baby Bather is a great product for bathing your baby! It makes it possible to bathe baby at your level, making it easier and less nerve wracking! It works for infants and toddlers! I think it is ideal for single kitchen sinks, but also works if you have a double kitchen sink. If you get nervous about bathing your baby in the tub, or need something to prevent back pain, the Sink Snuggler is a great alternative to the typical baby bath tub! 

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