Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bamboobies Nursing Pads Review & Giveaway! {New Year, New Babies, New Mommies of 2!}

If you are expecting and plan on breastfeeding, nursing pads are a must-especially in the beginning. But there are a lot of kinds to choose from. You have your disposables, which come in a number of different varieties and brands. Then you have your washable pads, which also come in different varieties. But cloth or disposable, most are not very comfortable and usually show through your clothing. But Bamboobies nursing pads are not only super soft, they are super thin so they don’t show through you clothing!

Bamboobies nursing pads are made of organic cotton and bamboo. This creates a very soft fabric that has been compared to cashmere. Which is exactly what sore nipples need! They are heart shaped so they cup around your breasts creating less wrinkles and don’t show through you clothing. Bamboobies also has an overnight pad which is also super soft, but is thick and larger to give you that extra coverage you need!

My Bamboobies nursing pads have been a lifesaver! The softness felt so great on my sore and raw nipples those first few weeks. I had a few different kinds of cloth nursing pads to try and the rest always felt itchy and uncomfortable. It was the exact opposite of what I needed for my sore nipples. But the Bamboobies were so soft and felt so comfortable I didn’t even notice they were there! They also have never leaked for me! I have had a good supply from the beginning and leak every time my milk lets down, but the Bamboobies absorb the milk and never soak through to my clothes! And the best part is, I never feel the wet! The fabric wicks it away from my skin! My breasts are a bit on the smaller side, so I still get a few wrinkles in the fabric, but not enough to be noticeable through my clothing. If you have a bigger bust I don’t think the Bamboobies pads would wrinkle at all! The heart shape is great for cupping around the breast so it doesn’t show through clothing. I find it wrinkles less when I wear the pad upside down so the bottom of the heart is facing up.

If you are expecting or currently nursing and looking for nursing pads that are comfortable, washable, and affordable then Bamboobies is the nursing pad for you! 
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One lucky reader will win a store credit of $16.99 (price of two pairs of regular Bamboobies or one pair of overnights) 

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