Saturday, January 14, 2012

How Big Brother is Handling Having a Little Brother! {New Year, New Babies, New Mommies of 2!}

After Isaac was born, one of the main questions I got from people was how Noah was handling it all. Luckily Noah has handled having a little brother very well!

We prepared him as best we could for Isaac's arrival. We talked about "baby Isaac" and " baby bubba" and we included him in the preparations and tried to explain to him that babies cry and sleep a lot and things like that. I really think that helped. I would also tell him that baby Isaac was going to be coming soon and baby Isaac will be here in a few weeks, so when it was time for Isaac to arrive, Noah was pretty excited to meet his little brother.

I remember the first night home was a little stressful. Noah had some mixed feelings I think. Noah was excited to have his little brother home, but was learning that little brother took up a lot of mommy's time. It didn't help that he hadn't had a nap that day and would get upset about everything little thing. On top of that he wanted me to hold him often, which I couldn't do much of after having just gave birth. So I was pretty emotional myself seeing my big boy get upset so easily. But the next day, after some much needed rest, he was doing much better.

First day home with Isaac
Noah does really well with Isaac now. He asks to hold him almost every day and is always talking to him. He's very helpful too! If Isaac starts to cry Noah will come running to his aid yelling "I'm coming Isaac!". He loves to me by handing me things and getting things for me while I'm busy with Isaac. His favorite thing to do with Isaac is take a bath! He absolutely loves taking a bath with his little brother. 

Noah still has his moments where he gets jealous or wants us to give him some extra attention. He hates for anything to be "Isaac's" and he'll fuss for an hour that no it is his. But we are working on those things. And more often than not he is kind and loving to his little brother.

It is a big adjustment for everyone in the family when a new baby comes. Thankfully the adjustment has gone well for Noah. I know my big boy loves his little brother to death and I can't wait too see that bond grow even more as they get older.

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  1. Glad is adjusting well to his new baby brother. It took my daughter a while to adjust to having a little brother. She was so used to being the center of my attention. Almost 8 months later and they are the best of friends.


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