Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest Post- Helpful Tips for a Mum with Two or More Children{New Year, New Babies, New Mommies of 2!}

After having one child, most women establish a routine that meets her needs as well as the baby's. Naturally, when a mum has a second or third child that schedule needs a few adjustments. The following are some tips for new mums who are welcoming their second or third child into the household.

First, it's important for a new mum to schedule time for herself. Generally, when new mums hear this proposal they shrug it off. After all, there are always tasks to accomplish whether it's washing dishes and clothes or preparing for a feeding. However, a mum can become extremely weary if she doesn’t allow herself some free time. A mum shouldn't feel guilty about calling on a family member or a friend to watch the baby for an hour or so. It's likely that a mother or a friend with children will be especially understanding of a new mum's need for a break.
Next, a mum with several children should try to put aside individual time with each one. For instance, if a mum has a new-born, a toddler, and a five year old, then she may play games with the five year old when the new-born is asleep and the toddler is at grandma's house. Obviously, it's not always possible to schedule time alone with each child. But, if a mum can try to accomplish this a few times a week she will be showing all of them that are equally loved.

Finally, any mum will admit that there are times when nothing seems to go right. For instance, her toddler wants attention or just go into the toddler bed just when it's time to feed the new-born. Or, her five year old wants to practice letters when she's diapering the baby. Instead of crying, she can opt to bring a dose of silliness into the situation. For instance, a mum who is changing the baby's diaper while being pulled at by her five year old can start to sing a silly song accompanied by goofy expressions. A silly song is an effective attitude-changer for a five year old. Not surprisingly, they grab at any opportunity to giggle. A mum could make up a song about how she is diapering a baby with a silly little boy or girl pulling at her robe! In short, silliness can lighten a tense atmosphere and give both mum and children the laugh they need.

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  1. Good suggestion. I have a funny made-up song called "Stinky Nappy" sung to the tune of "Frere Jaques" - always gets giggles from the tot as well as the baby on the changing table!!

  2. We're going from four to five in a couple of months and all of my best tips come from the Duggars. The kids each have a buddy, which makes things much easier. They help each other. And everyone has job to help around the house. The older kids help with cooking and cleaning, the younger ones can put of groceries or sort clothes. We all work together.


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