Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What do you wear when your 9 months pregnant?!

So I'm not quite 9 months but I feel like it! I feel it's safe to say I'm bigger than I was with my first pregnancy, and also pregnant at a completely different time period than I was. So finding clothes to wear has been a HUGE challenge!

I was very blessed to have been given a lot of maternity clothes from a friend, and I saved most of the stuff I had from when I was pregnant with Noah, but I guess I grew in places other than my belly this time so a lot of stuff is almost too small and is tight around my thighs and butt! So every morning I end up pulling out a bajillion clothes and try them on and decide they don't fit right or don't look right and try something else on. This lasts for about an hour until I finally give up and put on sweats or the same pair of jeans I had on yesterday, and just a different t-shirt.

Here's my bed this morning after my hour long clothing decision making:

And after all that I put on the one pair of maternity jeans I have that still fits and a big t-shirt!! So much for looking cute!

I've just come to the conclusion that when your 9 months pregnant you just have to resort to the same 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts that fit, or either sweats and t-shirts! Oh least only one more month, right?!


  1. Oh, Michelle... I'm just knocking on 7 months door and I am ALREADY pulling out the same 2 pairs of pants and big shirts! ;)

  2. Aww, I think I've been living in the same stretchy t shorts and elastic waist shorts for 3 months. And one dress. But it's all ending soon! Hang in there!

  3. One word (actually 2): yoga pants. I wore mine pretty much every day the last month of my pregnancy.

  4. The only thing more frustrating that living in the same 5 items is AFTER baby when you can only fit into 3 items... Ugh, getting dressed post-partum now involves my husband's sweat pants and t-shirts. One day I'll wear my own clothes again, and so will you. Start saving for the shopping spree! ;)


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