Monday, October 24, 2011

Savvy Rest-Savvy Doggy Bed Review!

Have you heard of Savvy Rest? They are a manufacturer of organic mattresses, pillows, and bedding. There goal is to provide you a mattress that is comfortable, non-toxic, and reliable!

Savvy Rest also manufactures and retails Organic Pet Beds! Because our pets need somewhere soft, comfortable, and safe to sleep too right?!

I was given the opportunity to review the Savvy Doggy pet bed for our lab mix Lexi! The Savvy Doggy bed is made of natural latex surrounded by organic cotton flannel to give you dog the best sleep he/she has ever had! It comes in Natural or Black colors, three different sizes (small,medium, and large), and solid or shredded latex core! You can also get a custom size for your pet if you have an especially large or small dog! I chose a medium shredded Savvy Dog bed in black for Lexi!

Lexi absolutely loves her bed! Seriously she's on it all day lately! Unless its time to eat, go to the bathroom, or play she's snoozing away on the Savvy Dog bed! So I feel sure that it is very comfortable! I love that the outer part has a zipper and comes off and is machine washable! Lexi sheds so its nice that I can clean it easily! I also love that her bed is non-toxic and organic so I don't have to worry! Because my dog is also my baby! She was my baby before Noah or Isaac both came along! I want her to be safe and healthy just like I do my boys! 

So whether its for you or your pet, Savvy Rest has a wide variety of comfortable, non-toxic, organic products to help you(or your pup!) the rest you need! 

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Disclaimer: I was provided the Savvy Dog bed to review free of charge, and the thoughts expressed in this review are my own. 

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