Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Terrible Two Year Old

So Noah  is two and a half this month and is quite the spitfire. He really gives me a run for my money sometimes. But usually he's pretty well behaved, as well behaved as a two year old can/will be I guess. But today I think he embarrassed me more than he ever has before and was seriously very lucky I love him to death!

So we went to a party today at a friend's house ( A gender reveal party--so fun!) and Noah's in underwear like he has been since June! Well he keeps acting like he has to go potty - he does this little dance when he has to go- so I kept taking him to the bathroom, but he wouldn't go. So everyone is getting ready for the big reveal and all of the sudden I see THE FACE on Noah! So I scoop him up and say I'll be right back and run him to the bathroom! But it was too late. The boy had pooped his pants!!!

Trying to pull off jeans and underwear full of poop is a task in and of itself! And to top it off I had left his bag in the car so didn't have wipes or anything. I cleaned up what I could than sat him on the toilet and went to get his bag. As I come out I realized everyone is waiting on ME! So I tell them, don't wait, and they said of course we're going to wait! Ugh I was already horribly embarrassed! So I go back in to get Noah clean and there's just poop everywhere! I was finding it on his legs and toes and arms and everywhere! Every time I thought I got it all, I found more! It was all over him and all over me too! Literally right before I walked out of the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and realized I had poop on my shirt!! It was awful!

So after the big reveal I left out of there as quick as I could. I was so embarrassed and apauled at what had just happened, I just had to leave. I burst in to tears as soon as I got in the car (stupid pregnancy hormones) and cried all the way home. Got home, and got Noah's dirty clothes in the wash and am still crying this whole time. So I sit on the couch and I'm crying like a baby and Noah comes up and says " you ok mommy?" and climbs in to my lap and says "You sad?" and just hugs my neck so hard. So of course I cry harder because how could I possibly be mad at this sweet little boy?!

So needless to say, my two year old is not so terrible after all. He had an accident, and yes while it was embarrasing, it happens. And like my hubby said, I'm sure it'll happen again. (Lucky me). But he's a sweetie and he loves me and that makes me the luckiest mama alive!


  1. Oh! The things that happen as a mommy and daddy! Ours are grown now, so we are looking forward and excited about our future first grandbaby! The poopy diapers...ah! not as excited about! haha

    This will be something to look back on and hopefully as time passes, it will be something to laugh about with him. Congratulations to your growing family!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I am stopping by through Lindsey's blog :o) Look forward to your upcoming New Year, New Babies, New Mommies of Two event in Jan 2012.

  2. I know guilt is inevitable when you get mad, but you should try to go easy on yourself - moms are just humans, after all. At least you've got a great embarrassing story to tell his future prom date.

  3. The things we do as parents. They have no idea how much we really love them. We're about to enter potty training and I am beyond nervous! Sounds like I should be! :)


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