Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maukilo Spilling Funnel Toy Review!

Maukilo is a store specializing in children's toys and products that will last you forever! They are owned and operated by one of their biggest suppliers, HABA. Maukilo products can be handed down from child to child, and are fun and educational for children of all ages! These products make great gifts for your own children or for other family members and friends! 

I was given the opportunity to review a toy from Maukilo for Noah! I received the Spilling Funnel Baudino toy to review! This toy is a great sand toy for the beach or in our case, also a great bath toy! 

You can use this at the beach to make beautiful sand art. You fill one side with water, and one side with sand, and then decorate a sand castle or cake, or whatever you choose! Or, as Noah likes it best, it can be used as a bath toy! He LOVES to funnel the water into a cup or bucket in his bath! Or even on top of his head to be funny! He loves this toy and plays with it every time he get's in the tub!

As the mom, I also love this toy! I immediately knew this toy was built to last! It's very well made and doesn't have any little parts that could be dangerous to my sweet boy! At only $10.88 it's also super affordable! All the toys from Maukilo are safe, fun, affordable, and built to last! What parent wouldn't want that from their children's toys?!

Buy It! 
Visit to purchase the Spilling Funnel toy and other great toys and children's products!

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