Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is Me

So I joined this thing called formspring. Its a website where you can asked and  be asked questions. People can choose to have their name posted with the question or ask the question anonymously.Well when it started it was just fun questions like "whats your favorite thing about being a mom?", "what are you in school for?" , etc. Then it turned into not so nice questions like " Do you think you are rude" , "Do you know your clueless" , "Do you think your immature" ..stuff like that.

At first it really bothered me because I wondered if this was how people really thought of me. As a celf-centered immature bitch or something. But then after a chat with my wonderful BBC girls they put it into perspective for me. Someone is really jealous of me. Why I don't know..but they are!

Honestly I don't understand why. I mean yes, I have a wonderful husband and beautiful baby boy. But lots of girls I know do! I try to be nice to everyone and I always base my friendships on how you treat me and how we get along. Not on past situations, not on things I've heard, or anything. So it just kinda caught me off gaurd that someone would think of me this negatively.

But after lots of thought I've decided I don't care who the heck is asking me those silly questions. My life is great and to someone who doesn't have the amazing love and people that I do..they might actually get jealous. Doesn't mean I'm a bitch flaunting it around! I am just happy. And I am just being who I am the way God intended me to be. I'm not going to change for anyone! And if anyone else doesn't like that then screw them! I know who my true friends are and I know who loves me! And that is all that matters! :))

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