Monday, May 24, 2010

My Avon Business

Not much going on in the Ferguson home today(I should be doing homework) so I thought I'd talk about my growing Avon business. :)

I started Avon when I was pregnant with Noah. I knew I wanted to be a SAHM so I thought hey every little bit helps. It started out pretty well and I would make a little bit here and there. Then after Noah was born I quit for a little bit because I wasn't making any money and was just too busy with little man. But then I was like, I wear the makeup, LOVE the products and I am going to buy stuff anyway so I might as well just keep on selling it and get the stuff for cheaper.

Well thank you technology! I have been doing really well with it lately. I have my own website - you can visit here . AND I started a facebook fan page which as really been a hit! So click the link and go become a fan! HAHA! The website is awesome cuz I can sell to my friends who don't live in town and they can get the items sent right to them. And I can almost always give them a free shipping code so they don't even have to worry about that either! And I still earn 20% just like if I had sold it to them directly!

I love Avon, and I'm not just saying that cuz I sell it haha! Its really good quality products for an amazing price! Every bit of makeup on my face is Avon and I have shoes, handbags, clothing, perfume, etc all from Avon. There has not been one thing that I have tried from Avon that I haven't liked!

So definately go check out my website and my fb page! I highly recommend Avon to anyone! They have amazing products, amazing sales, and amazing giveaways! :)

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