Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Day ♥

I don't have pics yet but as soon as I do I will post them! But I want to tell you all about our amazing day!

I have to start with the night before because it was special and so much fun! My mom and dad took Noah after the rehersal dinner and let him spend the night with them so we could have some alone time and get some rest. LOL. We didn't get much rest. We went out..of course! haha. We had a few drinks and danced and talked! It was so much fun and it was like I was reconnecting with the guy I fell in love with all over again. It was just so refreshing.

Then the morning of, I woke up..took a quick shower, kissed my groom goodbye till the church, and headed out to get my hair done! I had a few panic moments. I almost got pulled over once! Then it started to rain! Then my sisters were late for the hair appt!! I was freaking out! But I finally relaxed once they arrived and she started on my hair. It took forever but it was beautiful! Mine and my sisters hair was exactly how I wanted it. Gorgeous!

We got to the house and I started getting ready. Every thing seemed sooo rushed! I was getting flustered and frustrated with everyone! I felt like 2 or 3 people were worried about me and how I was doing and everyone else could care less! Haha..I was a bitchy bride! But once we got the dress on and got to the church I was chill again.
We took TONS of pictures! I can't wait to show them off! Then before I knew it , it was time to walk down the isle! I was SOOO nervous! I seriously felt like I would pass out for a minute there right before haha! But then I saw Brian. He looked so handsome and happy! All my nerves just melted away!
The ceremony was beautiful! It was short but it was exactly how I wanted it. Nothing major went wrong and everyone was all smiles! After the ceremony more pictures! haha. Then we went to the reception. It was beautiful as well! The cake was gorgeous! Food was yummy! And I was surrounded by my amazing family and friends!

I never rained during the reception! Rained in all the areas around us but not where we were! It was a perfect day! Everyone was did happen so fast! I can't believe its already over! But it was exactly as I imagined and it felt so awesome to marry my best friend once again! I love him so much and I'm the luckiest girl in the world!!

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