Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. It's my second. But honestly its the first one that I really understand what it is to be a mother. Last year Noah was only 2 weeks old or I was brand new at. This year I've seen him grow right before my eyes. I've seen him hurt. I've seen him sick. I've cried tears for him. I'm laughed with him. I've clapped when he learns something new. I've felt sad, happy, scared, proud, irritated, frustrated, estatic. I've gone through so many emotions this past year as a mother.

There's no way to describe in words the feelings you have as a mother. If your a mother yourself then you know. But if your not a mother, there's no real way for you to know how it is. What its like to love someone more than your own life. What its like to feel their every emotion. What its like to try and guide a tiny little you so that they grow up to be respectable human beings.

It's the greatest thing I"ve ever done. I haven't done many great things in my life. But this trumps all the bad. My husband and I have created this special little human who will change the world! I'm sure of it! He's already changed ours. I know those of you who have children feel the same way!

So to the other mamas, I say to you, good job. I now understand what everyone was talking about when they said "life will never be the same". God bless the mothers.

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