Thursday, September 29, 2011

Signed up for a Breastfeeding Class!

I just signed Brian and I up for a Breastfeeding Class at the hospital I'm going to deliver at! I breastfed Noah but only for 4.5 months, so I feel like I could really benefit from this! I sure hope so at least! Did you take a breastfeeding class or course? Was it very helpful?! Give me your thoughts! I'm excited and hope I learn a lot! :)


  1. I took a breastfeeding class before Peyton arrived and it was pretty helpful! We learned a lot of tips and tricks. But the most help I have received in the last year has been from the lactation consultants at our hospital. Does your hospital have any? They were there to help right after birth and during our short stay and they are on hand most days from 5am-11pm and I've called 100 times with questions/concerns.

    My midwife has also been so helpful in my breastfeeding journey. We have been going strong 11 months now :)

    Good luck and enjoy your class!

  2. I didn't and wish now that I had. I might not have had such a rocky start, or, at the very least, I might have been better prepared for it. I was surprised to discover a lot of things as they happened- like 24-7 nursing, comfort nursing, the need to establish a supply, and the increased nursing that comes with growth spurts.
    I hope you learn a lot!

  3. I took one a few weeks before delivering, and it wasn't really that helpful, honestly. It might've just been that I'd already read a lot so I knew most of what the lactation consultant said, but it basically seemed like just a two-hour pep talk.

    On the other hand, a two-hour pep talk isn't really such a bad thing, so it might've been worth it after all. ;)


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