Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm such a bore these days!

I feel like if I don't have a review or giveaway to post, I'm a bore. Our life is pretty boring right now. Which is totally ok with me since I know in a few months the chaos will begin. We signed Noah up for a Mother's Morning Out program! That's about the only interesting thing going on right now! We figure it'll help me out these last few weeks of my pregnancy and especially when baby Isaac gets here. It might be a nice break to Noah too since he'll have to deal with a crying newborn a lot too!

I promise I have some fun things lined up for the blog! Lot's of reviews and giveaways! Plus the Made with Love event coming in November! That's going to be huge! And I know once baby boy gets here I'll have lots to talk about - from my sleep deprivation to life with two kiddos! So hang in there with me for now! I mean, I am 29 weeks pregnant! If I had my choice I'd be sleeping all day! hehe!


  1. You take care of yourself and sleep. congrats on your soon to be arrival

  2. Are you still accepting sponsors for the made with love event? Do you happen to have a maternity hospital gown lined up? I'd like to help in that area if possible :)

  3. My life is a bore too....I never have giveaways or anything my blog must be a bore too :)

    Congrats on the baby! MY uterus is starting to tell me I might need a baby soon...

  4. MY uterus is saying no such thing well, I guess it could be seeing as I don't have one and I don't know where I misplaced it. It could be crying out to me right now!.. Thanks to God for a hysterectomy(not to be insensitive)

  5. You're not boring. I like reading about other people's regular lives. (:

  6. New GFC follower from your hop - (Bobbie Anne)

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