Thursday, September 15, 2011

More Pictures!

I am overloading you with pictures this week! We did some painting in Isaac's room and have some furniture in their finally!! Here's a few pictures! More to come as we get more done!

Crib minus bedding :) 

crib with twin bed for late night nursing sessions (Noah though it was his bed lol) 

The changing table is where the mess has accumulated lol! 


  1. I love that you put a bed in the Nursery. That was a great idea! I nurse, and my little one wake's for night time feedings often. GREAT idea!

  2. Yea I am excited to have a bed in there! My hubby goes to work at 3am so this will also help him get some rest without being disturbed by the baby on the days he has to work! And on the other days, at least a first, he'll sleep through the night when I'm up nursing but he'll be able to get up with Noah in the morning and I'll sleep when the baby sleeps. That's the plan at least :)

  3. aww :) I cant wait to start working on our nursery

  4. great pictures and just curios were you purchased that baby crib. Looks solid and durable.


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