Monday, November 4, 2013

Super Easy and Quick Snail Craft {great for children who love bugs!}

My boys (ages 4 and 1)  absolutely love bugs. When I came across this pin one evening while searching for something to keep my little ones occupied, I knew it would be a hit! 

This craft is seriously so easy to make and you probably have all of the materials on hand. Or they can be easily purchased at Dollar Tree (love that store!). 

1) Ok, first gather up your materials:

Construction paper
Googly eyes
Coffee filters
Double sided tape
Water (cup to put the water in)

2) I went ahead and cut out the snail shapes. I used the coffee filters as the idea of how big they needed to be.

3) I let my children go crazy with coloring masterpieces on the coffee filters with markers. 

4) After you finish decorating, add a little bit of water to your coffee filter to make the colors spread out.

5) let the coffee filters dry. We played outside during this and just let them dry in the sun.
6) assemble the coffee filter to the snail base by using double sided tape.
7) add googly eyes to your snails
8) hang on your window (I used tape to hang them) and admire them as the light shines on them. 

See, told you it was a simple fun craft :) There's no right or wrong way to do this, so just let the kids have fun! 

Happy crafting! :)

--Malanda is a contributor to TNSSCSTM blog and  not so good at updating her own blog at Outnumbered by Little Boys. She is a wife and mother of two. She enjoys making crafts, working on her etsy shop, baking and spending time with family. 


  1. What a cute craft - not just for kids who love bugs, but ones who like to "paint" and make fun things. I'm pinning this to my Kid Craft board!

  2. My son loves bugs! I think he would love this project. Great idea!

  3. This is so stinking cute! Pinning for me and my little M to do this week!

  4. Any craft that requires googly eyes is instantaneously fun and cute! Not something my boys would make (so not into bug...unless you mean like squashing them) but they'd love to play with the googly eyes!


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