Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christine's Essential Oils - DoTerra Balance Blend Review!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other way. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

It was just this year that I started to hear more about essential oils and all their benefits. I was interested so I did some research and talked to some friends who used them regularly. Over the summer I made my first essential oils purchase and got some Lavender and Tea Tree Oil to try! Now I use essential oils every day! I just love them and all their benefits and how great they make me feel! So I was super excited when I was contacted by Christine, a DoTerra Essential Oils consultant and given the opportunity to review the Balance Blend! 

Balance Blend is made with frankincense  spruce, rosewood, and blue tansy and blended together perfectly to create a true calming affect. It gives off a woody aroma that can either be diffused or used topically. My favorite way to use it topically is to put a few drops in my palms and rub them together and then rub the back of my neck. 

I'm a very busy mom. I have my two little boys who always seem to have a full supply of energy! I have a house to keep clean, laundry to keep up with, and meals to cook! On top of that I have my blog and my crochet business! I am always busy! When things start to get super busy I get in to what I call "panic mode". which is basically when I freak out and get really anxious and tense. 

When I first started using essential oils I would use lavender when I felt overwhelmed and anxious. It would help me relax but it makes me sleepy too. When I started using Balance I noticed I didn't feel sleepy at all when I put it on. Instead I just felt calm. It's really awesome how it works. I can feel tense and anxious and then just rub some on the back of my neck and within a few minutes my muscles start to relax and I don't feel so tense anymore. I can focus on what needs to be done and get it done, instead of having an anxiety attack over how much I have to do. It really does help! 

If you are a busy parent, busy at work, or just suffer from anxiety and tension Balance Blend could be the relief you are looking for! I just love how it's a natural way to ease my tension and relieve my anxiety! I never thought essential oils would be so helpful in so many parts of my life, including stress! 

There are so many other great essential oils out from DoTerra that I want to try! Another blend I am planning on getting is the OnGaurd blend! It keeps the germs away and boosts immunity which is something we all need during these cold winter months! 

Do you use essential oils? How have they helped you in your every day life? 

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  1. I LOVE essential oils; my two favorites are peppermint and orange. They're wonderful. I find myself grabbing for essential oils before getting medications.

  2. I use a few essential oils but not as regularly as I should! This sounds like a great blend.

  3. I have heard of them, but definitely haven't tried. I'm intrigued about the frankincense...just like bible times :)


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